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My goal in making money is to reduce the time I have to work, so most extra is saved or reinvested to earn more.

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Things like nice used cars and gourmet coffee purchased at Marshalls will not change. I make no excuses for not making more, and I make no apologies for not making less. It just is what it is. Most of my friends do OK, but make less. I am really curious if we can get a breakout of base salary vs options and cash bonuses etc. Check this out.

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Once you hit 60k, any added income adds negligible amounts of happiness to your life. I agree with you about being the best you can be. Hitting lofty goals is important. I felt really pleased when I saved up my first k rather than when I earned my first k. I had saved up k at I save 50k per year.

I live frugal. I enjoy reading and watching cinema—my pleasures are mainly things of the soul or mind. I do like travel and I can do that without thinking twice. My girlfriend and I can eat whatever, wherever we like. Is the income from clinic work? Curious how you pull this off. Most of my friends make significantly less than me, but it has never really effected things. I was always a tad bitter and looked down on my friends who got handouts from their parents in college some still do while I did everything on my own.

My wife and I are 31 and will be doing K this year. We make more than our friends but we put away most of our money so we only see in very little due to Automation through ING and use Wellsfargo as primary. We have our own tab when we eat out with friends and throw bottle service from time to time. When we made our first k, it was only money to pay off previous debt from school, but when we made over k, money just made life easier. Have no debt, but rent has increased to for a sqft high rise apartment near the beach.

Driving this car to ground is more of a game to me now to see when it will actually croak. Do you or your wife have any advice for someone looking to get into the medical sales industry? Any help would be appreciated. If you want to get into this industry, my best bet is to get to know who the head hunters are and get in touch with recruiters.

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Hi, Ramit — I am a gujju and an investment banker in Chicago. I was born to hard-working parents farmers in India and I walked 9 km each way to school up until the 9th grade. I self-financed my entire education including my MBA. In short, my life has been a struggle in the beginning years. I rent a condo with my wife and my little girl. I tell myself that I never earned that money. It felt surreal.

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It made it a bit easier to pay the mortgage and start to pay down some of my debt. I can see how people can become bankrupt so quickly, all it takes is one emergency to start the downward spiral. Only rarely. Very interesting. I know some women who earn a LOT more than their boyfriends. It presents unique challenges. Honestly, not a lot changed because it was a slow and steady climb toward that number. But, once I got there I reevaluated my life and realized I wanted to become a mom. Since I was single, I wanted to be free of any and all bills once I had kids.

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I paid off my car, credit cards and socked money away like crazy. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, no big deal again. Sure, our lifestyle inflated when we began working. We moved to a higher COL area closer to our jobs. We bought a car.

We had a child. We have iPhones. We have no debt, max out our retirement accounts, save and invest on top of that, travel frequently to visit family, and live in non-extravagant middle class comfort. Day to day, our lives are not substantially different from the time when we were on graduate student stipends. The main difference is that the amount of money that would make a significant difference to us has gone way up.

We are lucky that most of our our friends are in a similar demographic with a similar, reasonably frugal mindset. I own small business. Sales and marketing. I was 28 and felt like I had hit one of many milestones. I was working for another company at the time. I made bad decisions. My debt went up incrementally with my earnings. The first year I made k, I had more debt than ever before, and not from buying a house or car. No, my debt and spending habits kept my actual cash flow or wealth accumulation similar to many of those who earned less.

I actually was the one avoiding doing things I would have liked to do. My friends wished I would have been around more. I blamed it on being a single parent and child support, but it was really my bad decisions that created it. My earning power has never made me feel uncomfortable or unconnected to a friend. I am on track again this year as well and try to meet or exceed my previous years earnings. I feel like I sacrifice a lot to try to do meaningful work that will help many people in the long term.

It makes me sad that the kind of work I do is not valued more in monetary terms by society. And not necessarily a better one. If I asked for people who took a science job, or a non-profit job, or an academic job, we would get a totally different turnout. Jobs that I enjoy doing are not of those that are well-paid. I really wish I like to do engineering, was in the field for a short time, not long enough to make the K mark, but good enough salary.

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Unfortunately, I could not stand being alone in a cubicle. Having little salary does not feel that good to me either.

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  • Keep in mind you can also do good, and make money. Often it just happens on the side based on skills you have. For example, I know someone who works at a non-profit doing some great work. Thanks for all your comments. You have no reason to feel sad.